Charles Spurgeon – The Spirit of God and Preaching

The Spirit of God is peculiarly precious to us, because he especially instructs us as to the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ; and that is the main point of our preaching. He takes of the things of Christ, and shows them unto us. If he had taken of the things of doctrine or precept, we should have been glad of such gracious assistance; but since he especially delights in the things ofโ€™ Christ, and focuses his sacred light upon the cross, we rejoice to see the center of our testimony so divinely illuminated, and we are sure that the light will be diffused over all the rest of our ministry. Let us wait upon the Spirit of God with this cry โ€” โ€œO Holy Spirit, reveal to us the Son of God, and thus show us the Father.โ€

~Charles Spurgeon~

Lectures to My Students (Grand Rapids, Michigan; Zondervan Books; 2008) The Holy Spirit in Connection with Our Ministry; p. 188-189.

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