Charles Spurgeon – A Plea to Believe in Jesus

But no! it cannot be; it cannot be. And whilst you lie there, if there be one thing in hell worse than another, it will be seeing the saints in heaven. Oh, to think of seeing my mother in heaven while I am cast out! Oh, sinner, only think, to see thy brother in heaven–he who was rocked in the selfsame cradle, and played beneath the same roof-tree–yet thou art cast out. And, husband, there is thy wife in heaven, and thou art amongst the damned. And seest thou, father! thy child is before the throne; and thou! accursed of God and accursed of man, art in hell. Oh, the hell of hells will be to see our friends in heaven, and ourselves lost. I beseech you, my hearers, by the death of Christ–by his agony and bloody sweat–by his cross and passion–by all that is holy–by all that is sacred in heaven and earth–by all that is solemn in time or eternity–by all that is horrible in hell, or glorious in heaven–by that awful thought, “for ever,”–I beseech you lay these things to heart, and remember that if you are damned, it will be unbelief that damns you. If you are lost, it will be because ye believed not on Christ; and if you perish, this shall be the bitterest drop of gall–that ye did not trust in the Saviour.

~Charles Spurgeon~

Spurgeon’s Sermons Vol. 1 (Southwark, England; New Park Street Chapel, 1855) No. 3; A Sermon titled: The Sin of Unbelief. Delivered on Sabbath Morning, January 14, 1855

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